Autumn is in full effect and the time has come for the leaves to fall. This weather transformation, called for a drastic new haircut! Chop chop!

New Hair

It has been five years since I last sat in a salon chair. But my hair needed a serious shape up. Besides that, I was in for something fresh and new! Now, I’ve been loving the pixie cuts and super short tapered styles I’ve been seeing lately, but those are just a little too drastic for me. So I decided on a length that gives the illusion of a short haircut, but also has the ability to become a cool medium length fro. And this is exactly why I love my curly natural hair. You can create a totally different look every single day!

Today’s hairstyle

Today I decided to go for a short curly look. This style has a slight retro feel which I totally dig! Last night I two strand twisted my natural hair and used perm rods to curl the ends. This morning I carefully took down the twists and gently separated the curls. Lastly, I shaped my hair with an afro pick until I got the desired hair silhouette. Et voilà!

Autumn LOTD & the fro gets cut1

Make up

You can’t go wrong with and all black outfit and some red lips. So thát is what I did. Simplicity is everything! 

The outfit

With my new cut, I opted some all black goodness. This waterfall trench coat had been giving me all types of life. Underneath I rocked a crop top and a high waisted pencil skirt. Last but not least, I threw on my high heel sandals, grabbed the MANGO sunglasses I bought on my Barcelona trip and I was off to enjoy this sunny autumn day!


Autumn LOTD & the fro gets cut2