My introduction to Ciara, full name Ciara Princess Harris, was when her first single ‘Goodies’ came out. At the time I was working for a Dutch magazine and I had the chance to interview her. I loved her personality, ‘Crunk&B’ sound, sultry voice and killer dance moves. Talented and beautiful as she is, it is no wonder Ciara is still in the game.

As you may remember, back in the day the young artist was known for rocking crop tops and baggy bottoms. But over the years her style has evolved and became more feminine and simplistic. And I love it!

cover trio

Fashion: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Ciara style is undeniably feminine, but she doesn’t shy away from rocking a boyish shirt and snapback once in a while. But hey…she gets away with it smoothly. In the last couple of years Ciara has been stepping her style game up. Ciara isn’t afraid to show a little bit of skin, but who wouldn’t with those killer abs? Rocking mostly black, white and creme colored ensembles, she shows simplicity works like a charm. 

Certified Stylish: Ciara Front row

“I’ve evolved so much over the years when it comes to my style. I really know it now. Having become friends with these designers, I’ve gained a newfound respect for their craft altogether. Now I’m able to say I want some Calvin [Klein] simplicity but with a Stella [McCartney] vibe. I never used to have that mental fashion Rolodex.” Ciara


Hair: From LOB to Extra Long

There is something about shoulder length ombré hair. When color and cut are executed well, this hairstyle can give you ‘grown and sexy’ in a blink of an eye. In her blond period, Ciara has been known to rock a fierce LOB (Long Bob). 

Ciara Long Bob (LOB)

Nowadays Ciara has retired the LOB and switched to extra long black tresses. After giving birth to her son Zahir, Ciara was in for something new. She told her glam squad she wanted her next look to be super sexy. Her hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, discribes her new look as ‘Superlong, but not ratchet. Feminine and clean’. Make up artist Yolonda Frederick, makes sure Ciara’s face is on point. “I always try to keep things simple and in line with her style, which now focuses a lot on monochromatic, clean lines—without being bland”, she told “I like to contour and highlight with colors within her own tone spectrum.” 

Ciara Long hair

Whether she graces a magazine cover, kills it in her videos or is spotted during a shopping spree, Ciara’s style is always on point. You can’t deny that she is: CERTIFIED STYLISH.