On Saturday the 22nd of March, Huetiful, curlBox and the Monroe Sisters hosted an exclusive canal cruise in Amsterdam…and I was invited! So around 7.30pm we boarded the and sailed the Amsterdam canals. If you ever have a chance to visit Amsterdam, this is one of the greatest ways to discover this vibrant city. Sometimes I forget how beautiful our country is…WOW!
I always love meeting new people and getting to know their life stories. This is actually why became a television editor seven years ago. The Curl Cruise was the place where these things all came together. So while sailing, we spent the night talking a little business, life and even love. ;-) It was inspiring to meet and hang out with such kind, driven and most of all…fun people. A night to remember!
Check the pics for an impression of the ‘Curl Cruise’.


Drinks and convo
Ms. Vaughn’s make up is flawless!


Curly girls unite…me, the Monroe Sisters (Vaughn & Meechy) and Lybria (of Huetiful)
Surinamese food on board
Dutch bloggers strike a pose.
The wonderful Ken Burkeen (founder and owner of Huetiful) and myself
Tewa (This Girls Black Book), Rowan (Roodjerow), Myleik Teele (founder & owner of curlBox) and myself
Lots of laughs and great conversation. Had a blast!