She is the brain behind the image of numerous Dutch music artists. Ali B, Keizer, Mr. Polska and DJ Chuckie…you name one, she has blinged them up. This girl, who once started out as a dancer, now makes a living dressing national ánd international artists. I am talking about Kim Keizer, queen of hip hop styling.

Written by: Dalida Moharram

Let’s start at the beginning. What triggered you to quit dancing and become a personal stylist?

Styled in Black - Kim Keizer and Isis VaandragerI started dancing at a very young age. One day I got booked for a video shoot. Celebrity stylist Isis Vaandrager was there and I was so intrigued by her and her job on the set. I immediately noticed that I was more interested in clothing than actually dancing. Eventually I quit dancing and became Isis’ assistant. For five years she taught me the tricks of the trade. She has helped me build my own career and till this day I am immensely grateful. After being Isis’ assistent I went to New York and offered my styling services to The Source Magazine. I ended up interning there for three months. Till this day I still do freelance jobs for them. So if you want something, work hard for it!

Does your dancing background have any effect on the way you present yourself?

As a dancer you are in front of a mirror ninety percent of the time. Looking at your every move, your flaws and your qualities. Doing so made me very critical of myself, tough even. But most importantly I gained knowledge about how I come across, who I wanted to be and my personal style.

Speaking of personal style. What is yours?

Street style. The way I dress can be a bit boyish, but I always add some feminine elements to my outfits. For instance, I can not leave the house without earrings. If I forgot them, I go out and buy a pair! I think it’s important to find something that is totally YOU. For me that is the name necklace. Some people might think of that as ‘tacky’, but I think I make it work! Haha! Like you, I love switching up my hair style, so that is also a thing that defines my look.

On social media, a lot of people are calling themselves a ‘personal stylist’. How do you feel about that?

Honestly, it bothers me sometimes, because being a personal stylist or image consultant is truly a craft. Though I did not go to school for this, I put in a lot of hours on the job. Isis Vaandrager, my mentor, really took me under her wing and schooled me. SHE was my education. Going from one shoot to another, observing, trying new things and trusting my gut, helped me create my own style and trademark. In order to make it, you have to work your ass off. A lot of people think that this job is really glamorous. A few of my assistants got proven wrong really fast.

What do you love most about your job as an image consultant?

The fact that I can bring music and fashion together. With very gig I have a concrete vision of the visual I want to create. Working with a video director or photographer is amazing. Thát is when your vision comes to life!

Darryl & Jayh

Do you have any favorite brands you like to work with?

Definitely! Being from The Netherlands, I love to work with Dutch brands and stores. Mason Garments, Fresh ink, Showroom 41. I also love Acht Sneakers Amsterdam. The owner Philip runs the company all by himself, so I want to support my locals.  And of course Isis Inc.

You are mostly operating in the urban/hip hop scene? Do you thing that this is a pro or a con?

A pro, because the urban scene is where I feel most comfortable. Looking at the way I dress, you can see why. Also, it feels great being recognized for something you have a passion for. But I also like to dress people that are not in the urban scene. For instance, I had the chance to work with Candy Dulfer and that was a lot of fun!

As a stylist, you need to make sure everything is on point. Does that ever make you insecure?

Sure! Sometimes I doubt myself, and think: Am I really that good? Receiving compliments and having a consistent clientele is the confirmation that I am doing a good job!

Styled in Black - Kim Keizer and Candy Dulfer

Well, such a good job, that you’re now also dressing international artists like LMFAO, Kid Inc. and ASAP Rocky?

That is so much fun! The ASAP Rocky gig…Isis and I did this together for JFK Magazine. We work with this magazine frequently, but this job was amazing! I hope that I can do more jobs like this.

Do you have the aspiration to cross the Dutch border more often?

I would love that! I am working on getting a working visa, so I can work in The States as well.

Last question… Is there one thing that can ‘make’ an outfit?

Confidence! Even if an outfit isn’t all that perfect, if your rocking it with your shoulders back and your head held high, that is awesome