Last Sunday I visited the Pearl Event in Holland. This is an urban lifestyle event where you can shop till you drop, watch a fashion show or two and follow different workshops. During this event I went to the ‘Luv & Learn Your Hair workshop’, hosted by Youtube sensation Taren Guy. A great opportunity for Dutch naturals to come together, celebrate their natural hair and share their experiences! And this is exactly what happened. 

Taren kicked off openly speaking about her natural hair journey. But shortly after, it became obvious this wasn’t going to be a ‘one way street-session’. So Taren invited ladies from the audience to step up and share their stories and ask questions. The panel, which consisted of French blogger Fatou, hair salon owner Rodney Maartens and Dutch blogger Tewa, took the time to share their vision on natural hair. And Rodney also shared his expertise on natural hair care. On a fierce model with a fabulous fro, Rodney demonstrated that you can create a better shape, by cutting natural hair in a dry state.All in all, I loved the interaction between the naturals in the room. Each and every one of them spoke freely about their journey, questions and in some cases insecurities. I can say that it was great to be part of this experience!Check out my photo recap of the ‘Luv and Learn Your Hair workshop’. I also snapped pics of some fabulous Dutch chicas that crossed my path during the rest of the Pearl Event.

Claudia Creebsburg, owner of Webshop ‘Natural Black Hair’ kicks off the LLYH workshop
Taren Guy shares her natural hair story 
Panel: French blogger Fatou, Rodney Maartens (hairsalon Jooze) and Dutchblogger Tewa 
Model getting a haircut on dry hair to te create better shape
Taren asks audience what they like and dislike about their hair
Naturals ask questions about their hair
Check out some fierce Dutch ladies!


After the workshop I had the opportunity to sit down with Taren for an interview. So keep ‘Styled in Black’ on your radar and find out what went down!