Friday: The Road Trip

Living in Holland has a its benefits. One of them is that you can hop on the Thalys (train) and be in Paris within 3,5 hours. So the train is where the road trip began for me and four other fab Dutch bloggers (Angela, Tewatha, Megisa and Rowan).

Train to NHA Paris 2015


Saturday: The Natural Hair Academy event

Started the day with these lovely ladies, Tewatha (This Girl’s Black Book) and Angela (Macblogster). We were on the prowl for some breakfast. But first, let’s take a selfie!

Styled in Black, This Girl's Black Book & Macblogster


We decided to eat at ‘Frenchie To Go’ and on our way there we couldn’t help doing the tourist thing. Snapping pictures and admiring the great architecture that Paris has to offer.

Styled in Black in Paris

On our way to Frenchies


Searching for the venue of the Natural Hair Academy we came across the square where thousands of people have demonstrated because of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy. This definitely scarred this city forever. It was sad and at the same time impressive to walk on these grounds.

Je suis Charlie


After taking a few wrong turns (women and maps…ah well!), we arrived at the venue. It was amazing! So many hip naturalistas in one building…

Entree NHA Paris


At the event the French brand ‘Activilong’ surprised me with some goodies. So I’m very curious to see what this brand does for my hair! Review coming!!!!! *Oprah voice*

Activilong products


And look who I ran into? The lovely and gorgeous Youtuber Beauty by Lee. She was as sweet as expected.

Styled in Black with Beaty by Lee


I also visited the Carol’s Daughter presentation, where founder Lisa Price gave all the ins and out on her product line. Youtubers Chime Edwards, Naptural85 and Tiarra Monet joined her on stage.

Lisa Price (Carol's Daughter), Chime Edwards, Naptural85 and Tiarra Monet at the NHA Paris 2015

Chime Edwards, Naptural85 and Tiarra Monet at the NHA Paris 2015


If you don’t know Anthony Dickey, than let me inform you! This warm personality is a major player in the natural hair game. Solange, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelis, Tracy Ellis Ross and… Michelle Obama have all been in his styling chair. ‘Dickey’, as he calls himself, is the force behind the Hair Rules Salon in New York. After a nice chat we decided to take a pic together.

Styled in Black and Anthony Dickey at NHA Parus 2015


During the Design Essentials workshop, hair stylist Deshonica Kerrie gave us very helpful hair tips and she even did an on stage Big Chop! Check out the video below.


It was wonderful speaking with Rochelle Graham, founder of Alikay Naturals. Some of you may know her as Youtuber ‘Blackonyx77’. So lovely to see that her business is going beyond the U.S. boarders. 

Posing with Rochelle (founder Alikay Naturals), Megisa and Angela at NHA Paris 2015

Let me tell you, I had so much fun at the event. I met a lot of inspiring people and there may be a few collaborations coming up. So, a Saturday well spent brings a future of content. ;-)


Sunday: Good Food & Beauty Shopping

On our last day as ‘Parisians’, we had brunch at Rose Bakery. No to be harsh, but the service was not up to par. But the ‘pizzette’ I had was absolutely delicious!

 Rose Bakery Paris




Since all Sephora shops recently closed in Holland, it was my mission to visit this store in Paris.

Sephora Paris


So, what’s in my Sephora bag? You’ll just have to wait and see, because reviews are coming!

What's in my Sephora bag?


Before hopping on the Thalys back to Holland, I picked up the sushi I was craving for ALL WEEKEND. (Hello, my name is Dalida and I am a sushi addict.)

Sushi to go on the Thalys


In conclusion: Paris, you have treated me well. To the team of the Natural Hair Academy…thanks for having me. Until next time!

Eiffel Tower Paris