Oh…how I love that Parisian ambiance! The beautiful architecture, the little boutiques, the bistros… This instantly makes me want to wear a beret! ;-) With that being said, this weekend me and a group of fellow Dutch bloggers are going to Paris! While in this fabulous city I will be doing more than major shopping and watching the Eiffel Tower by night. I’ll be attending the Natural Hair Academy (NHA Paris).  I’ve been hearing great things about this larger than life event, so this year I want to experience it myself. 

The NHA Paris Line up

So… let me tell you about this line up…strictly FAB! Natural hair gurus Felicia Leatherwood,  Andrew Dickey are coming over from the States to educate and inspire. If you have a little soft spot for make up and fashion, than you’ll probably know Stephanie Lee, also know as BeautybyLee and ASOS stylist Frédérique Tietcheu (IgoByFrankie). They will be bringing the latest make up and fashion trends and tips. And…the word on the street is that Tiarra Monet (Crowned by Monet) will also be there talking about ‘hairstyle lifestyle’ and protective styling. Now, you know I love my natural hair, but I love to switch it up with a fierce protective style (weaves, wigs…you name it!).Whatever makes you feel good, right?! So I’ll definitely will be checking her session out as well.

Natural Hair Academy Paris 2015 (NHA Paris)

Of course there are many more fabulous speakers, so if you want to see the full program, just go to the Natural Hair Academy website for the det
ails. And…if you want to know what went down in Paris, just keep Styled in Black on your radar. A full report is coming soon!