On the 25th and 26th of October the Pearl Lifestyle Event was back! All visitors could enjoy their dose of make up, fashion, wellness and some great workshops! Styled in Black was invited to embrace the full Pearl experience! Check out a quick photo recap!

The Pearl Event would not be complete without some make up action! Besides various stands where you could get your make up groove on, there was also a Make Up battle organized by MD Make-up. This first picture (above) shows that the combination of a creative hairdo and a well beat face can get you to first place!

Last year I interviewed youtube sensation Taren Guy at the Pearl Event. This year Youtube vlogger, and fellow Dutchie, Samantha Pollack gave her ‘Embrace Your Curls-workshop’. One and a half year after putting her first youtube video online, Samantha’s succes took a major flight. During the workshop she explained and demonstrated how she takes care of her (BEAUTIFUL!!!) natural hair.

Vlogger Samantha Polllack of  Jadoremycurls

Celebrity stylists Kim Keizer (r) and Isis Vaandrager (l) are no strangers to fab fashion. At the Pearl Event they had a Fashion Closet Sale. Stepping into this pop up store, I felt like I walked into the 80s and 90’e…I mean this in a good way!

Celebrity stylists Isis Vaandrager and Kim Keizer

Pearl Event: Popup store Isis Vaandrager and Kim Keizer

As a hip hop stylist, Kim Keizer knows very well that a little bling never hurt nobody! Curious about this stylist to the stars? Check out the interview I did with Kim here!

Popup store Isis Vaandrager and Kim Keizer1

Events are always a great way to discover new shops. I met these two lovely ladies, Danie (r) and Rosalie (l), owners of Wear for Love. Anyone with a serious addiction to black fashion  items and sophisticated accessories, has to visit their online boutique! I guarantee you will see some of their items on Styled in Black really soon!

Pearl Event: Wear for love Rosalie and Danie Pearl Even- Wear for Love collection

Of course this is just a sneak peek of the event. So if you want to experience the Pearl Your Lifestyle Event to the fullest, then I suggest you go next year! ;-)