My heart was shattered when Sephora stores closed in Holland, especially because there was one in my hometown. So when I was in Paris,  I just had to do a little bit of shopping at this beauty walhalla. The Beautyblender was one of the items I came home with. Do I love it or hate it?

But first…what is it & what does it promis?The Original Beautyblender

The Beautyblender is invented by Rae Ann Silva, make up artist to the stars. According to her, a good blend of product creates a flawless finish. I totally agree with her, but in order to to achieve this, you need a good, well formed tool. This is why Rae Ann Silva designed the egg shaped make up sponge called the ‘Beautyblender’. No lines on the sponge, means no lines on the face. I’ve been hearing great things about this product, so I had to see for myself if it worked. Okay…let’s get into the details!

How to use the Beautyblender: Wet, Squeeze and Bounce!

  1. Wet your Beautyblender with water. (It will absorb the water, so you will see it expand.)
  2. Squeeze the excess water with your hands. Use a towel if you want it to be less damp.
  3. Apply your product (foundation, bb/cc cream, powder, etc.) by ‘bouncing’ (or dabbing) the Beautyblender on your face.

My experience

BeautyblenderThe first time I used the Beautyblender, I only used it for highlighting and contouring. I didn’t exactly know if I was using it correctly, because it just felt a little bit strange bouncing a wet/damp sponge on my face. BUT…seeing the immediate results, showed me this tool was living up to it’s expectations. YES LAWD! Because the sponge was damp, it did not absorb all of my product. So it gave me more makeup to play with.

*When I personally use the Beautyblender for highlighting and contouring, I first apply my highlighter and contour product with a brush or with the contourstick itself. I use my beautyblender to blend and to eliminate any harsh lines. If I’m using it with foundation, I first apply dots of my foundation on my face and use the Beautyblender to ditribute and blend.

My Beautyblender Pros

  1. The handy egg shape makes applying foundation and highlighting and contouring a breeze. 
  2. You can use the Beautyblender for applying foundation, powder and blush. But highlighting and contouring is where this little number really won me over.
  3. A flawless airbrush finish without any stripes or creases.
  4. Less time consuming. After a frequently using the Beautyblender, I got the hang of it. I noticed that my blending time has cut down a lot!
  5. The Beautyblender is latex free and non allergic. So if you have sensitive skin like me, this could be a nice addition to your make up collection.
  6. The color. Every girl needs a touch of pink in her life, don’t you agree?!

My Beautyblender Cons

  1. The price. Though this Beautyblender is amazing, you have to be willing to put down the cash. A beautyblender will run you about 20 Euros in Europe or 20 Dollars in the US.
  2. You have to clean your Beautyblender after every use. There is are two special ‘Blendercleansers’: solid and liquid. I haven’t tried those (yet), but I thought that they were a little bit on the pricy side. I decided to use my normal brush cleanser, which also gets the cleaning job done.
  3. It dries a bit slow after washing. But hey….you have to use it when damp. ;-)


All in all, I really LOVE the this make up tool. It gives me that flawless airbrushed finish, without having to spend a lot of time blending. Would I repurchase or recommend it? HELL YEAH!

Fun fact! I recorded my first time using the Beautyblender, so keep an eye out for my upcoming highlight and contouring video. It will be up this week! 


What is your favorite blending tool?