This last month has got me all twisted…twisted OUT to be precise. ;-) The thing I love about the ‘twist out’ is the diversity and different curl patterns you can achieve with it.

A twist out done on dry or blown out hair gives a more tamed, defined and sophisticated look. But when done on wet hair, the twist out comes more with more volume, frizz and edge. Ah well…frizzy or defined, each definitely has it’s charm. So, no wonder I keep revisiting this hairstyle.

 I don’t know about you, but besides cool interior stuff, my Instagram timeline is flooded with some bad ass #naturalhair selfies. Getting to know my hair is still a journey, so therefore selfies are a great way to look back on my hair in different hairstyles and states. So, in this blogpost I’m going to share my ‘shameless twist out selfies’ with you! The pictures you see here, show the various outcomes when done on dry and wet hair. And hey! I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours! …Uhhm…’shameless twist out selfies’ that is!


Styled in Black - Twist out - Dalida Moharram
Twist out on dry hair // style: pinned up updo with bangs
Twist out on dry hair // style: the loose puff
Twist out on dry hair// style: low ponytail with a side part
Twist out done on day three hair // style: blown out twist out


Twist out on wet hair// style: Fro’d out twist out
Twist out on wet hair // style: defined & tamed twist out