Slowly but surely the holidays are approaching. With this in mind, we need to step up our eye game! I want to show you a make up look that you can rock to work, but is also sexy and sultry enough for a night out: The Soft Brown Smokey Eye.

Soft Brown smokey eye

How I achieve a Soft Brown Smokey Eye?

Step 1: I start by applying a primer on my eyelids. This helps to create a smoother finish and it makes the color you apply pop even more.

*If you do not have an eyeshadow primer, a little foundation or can come in handy also.Step 2: I take a dark brown eyeshadow and apply dots along  my upper eyelid. I  use a regular eyeshadow brush for this and because I’m going for subtle look, I apply the eyeshadow lightly. Make sure to stay close to the lash line. Then, I start to blend the eyeshadow until I get the desired shade. I always make sure to create a cat eye shape.

Step 3: For a softer look, I like to add a pinkish eyeshadow in the crease, just above where I applied the dark brown color. By ‘crease’ I mean the soft/hollow part above your eyeball and just beneath your brow bone. You can’t miss it!

Step 4: Then I just blend the dark brown with the pink, until the harsh lines disappear. Remember…cat eye shape!

Step 5: To create intensity, I also apply the dark brown eyeshadow close along my lower lash line. I use an angled/slanted brush for this, because this helps me with a more precise application. To fade it out a little, I use a smudge brush.

Step 6: I am a sucker for a cat eye look. So to ‘wing it out’ some more, I apply black eyeliner to my upper eyelid. Lastly, some mascara for my upper and lower lashes and… mission accomplished!


 Soft Brown Smokey EyePinterest make up tips

If you’re always in doubt of which brush to use when doing your make up, this picture will help you out a lot! I also found this cool visual of how to create a smokey eye. I’m the type of girls that says ‘Practice makes perfect’, so if your not a pro, pictures like this can come in handy.

Blogger tip!

I recently discovered an amazing Swedish make up artist and blogger, called Linda Hallberg. She can teach us ladies a thing or two about make up. If you want to try out some cool looks, you should definitely check out her blog and tutorials. Have a look at this flawless night time smokey eye look that she has created. INSPIRATION GALORE!!!!

Until the next post!

XO Dalida