I don’t know about you, but so far 2016 has been treating me well! This year I am marrying the love of my life, I am working on a cool new television program and…I hosted the first Styled in Black workshop

Roots PR-event

There is just something about sharing knowledge that sets me on fire. It gives me so much energy and positivity. So when Roots PR asked me to host a workshop on making video content, I wholeheartedly said: “YASSSS!” *snaps fingers two times* This subject is so relevant in 2016, because video content is a great way to distinguish yourself.

In 2016 video content is the way to go! 

For a long time the media wold has been my playground. Starting out as a writing journalist for newspapers and magazines, I had the opportunity to interview so many inspiring people. But eleven years ago I got the itch, the itch to make television… So after surviving a challenging job interview, I landed my first job as a television editor! Ever since, I’ve been working backstage (and was asked to present as well). Through these experiences, I’ve learned a thing or two about script writing, casting, communication and presentation skills and more of that good stuff.

During my workshop on the 24st of January,  it was my mission to share tips on how to create high quality Youtube videos. In total, eighty fabulous (!!!) women (and a few fab men) joined my workshop ‘From Blogging to Vlogging’. In this workshop I shed light on:

  • Creating your signature style
  • Online presence and consistency
  • How to get the perfect lighting
  • How to get the best audio quality without breaking the bank
  • Key elements for a great video introduction 
  • Easy tips and tricks for creating a Youtube thumbnail and end slate


Besides stepping up your blogging and vlogging game, the Roots PR-event was also about getting pampered. You could literally get your hair done, nails done, errthing did. ;-) The make up artists of Rootz Cosmetics slayed one woman after another with Sleek Cosmetics and Black Opal products. And…you could even get your crochet braid on. Being hooked on crochet braids myself, I have nothing but love for this initiative! 

I just want to say thanks to all the ladies and gents who participated. I loved sharing my tips and tricks with you. I hope to see you next time! Roots PR…thanks so much for having me. Let’s take it to the next level in May!

In case you want to get a little taste of the ambiance of the at Roots PR-event. Check out this video!



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