You know that time when you are just a bored with your hair and you’re desperately seeking some change? Well, this is how I felt a month ago. The strange thing was, I still loved my curls and I didn’t want them to go, but I wanted something different…something NEW, something BIG, something FABULOUS!

Then it hit me! Why not stay with my curly style, but give it some extra VA-VA-VOOM? So after a long (LONG!) period of rocking my own natural hair, I decided to give myself a kinky curly weave. Yes…a weave, y’all. I am by no means ‘weaveologist’, but I have a hard time trusting other people with my hair. So over the years I’ve learned to cut, style, braid and weave my own hair. Practice makes perfect, right?

The fun thing is that this hair (Mongolian kinky curly) almost has the same length as my own, but the difference is the EXTRA volume! And what’s even more fabulous? This hair matches my kinky curly hair perfectly and reacts almost the same way as my own hair does. So…therefore my hair routine hasn’t changed that much. LOVE THAT!

Ladies, I must admit…I’m loving this style and the fact that I can give a great part of my hair a break. And knowing that I can resort to this big hair style is absolutely wonderful! Conclusion? My ‘hair change craving’ has been soothed. But even though I ‘m enjoying this style, I will be rocking my own natural hair again really soon. Change is good, but loving what you have is even better!