Ever thought of chopping all your natural hair off? I sure did! And I still do sometimes, to be honest. I would just LOVE(!) to stand under the shower and feel the water directly on my scalp…*whoosahhh* As I am writing this post, I’m sitting behind my computer, while untwisting my hair. It feels and looks good, but…I also want to keep it real with you.

So I present you:  4 reasons why natural hair sometimes ain’t that fly!


That freaking satin bonnet!

Beyonce - curls aren't poppin'n todayNatural hair is FABULOUS, but, I don’t care about what anybody says…Ain’t nothing sexy about a satin bonnet!  With my natural hair, I love to rock polished looks. So covering my hair is a necessary must.  You know that song: I am not my hair… well.. sometimes I am. On some days, I want to be rebellious and go to bed without my bonnet (or scarf). You know…live a little. ;-) But 80 percent of the time, the next morning I regret my ‘bold’ choice. Result:

  1. Messy hair. I do sleep with a satin pillow case, but why do I find my head NEXT to the pillow in the morning? #fail
  2. Dry hair.  (See explanation previous problem.)
  3. No curl definition. I am by no means obsessed with defined curls, but this often occurs on a day where defined curls would compliment my outfit of the day.


Looking & feeling like Snoop Dogg

Snoop dogg satin bonnetThe fun thing of rocking your natural hair, is that you can do a hundred different things with it. But some styles need some serious preparation: braids, twists, perm rods… Result? You look like Snoop Dogg for the day/night (or both). NOT CUTE! Thank God my boyfriend has an African mom, so he is used to seeing all these weird preparation styles.






Product junkie

Beyonce - best twist outI am a naturally curious girl, so especially when I just started rocking my natural hair, I wanted to try all kinds of different products. I did manage to slow down on buying the whole store, but there is always that little voice that keeps whispering: “Try thisss……” So occasionally I fall into the trap and  5 new products home with me. Good thing I have a blog, so I can share my experiences with you!






beyonce-angry1I love going through my Instagram  and seeing all kinds of great natural hairstyles. And like most naturalistas, I get inspired and spend some days trying these styles out. Still love that! But I also remember the days that I was constantly obsessing about creating a certain curl, style or length. But…sometimes you just need to let things go, right?!





Okay…let’s not end this post on a negative note! Natural hair might not always be a walk in the park, it is is still FABULOUS is so many ways!

beyonce -  feeling myself

  1. It is versatile!
  2. It has character!
  3. And best of all…it is YOURS!

So, enjoy being YOUR OWN KIND of beautiful!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Until the next post!